Monday, July 10, 2006

Indonesian Spicy Potato Crisp (Kering Kentang)

I wanted to make a kind of dish that could keep for a week or two so I don't have to cook too often. After some thoughts, I came up with the idea of making Kering Kentang. Hm... I would say it's not worth making, there were too many washing and cleaning to be done. I hate the greasiness on my kitchen floor whenever I deep fry. This was particularly bad as to make Kering Kentang, I had to fry the potatos in batches, the 'ikan teri'--anchovies and not to mention the steps of making the sambal. I'm glad that it turned out nice, otherwise I would be really disappointed after all the efforts:) I don't think I would make this anymore in the future, unless there is someone helping me to do the washing and cleaning.


2 potatoes julienned the thinner the crispier

1/2 cup ikan teri--anchovies

1/2 cup pre-fried peanuts (get from the supermarket)

Fried the julienned potato batch by batch, followed by anchovies.


6 shallots

4 garlic cloves

some chilli

1 cm of galangga (lengkuas)

1 lemon grass

1.5 tbs of palm sugar

2 tbs of tamarind juice (lime juice is okay too)

1 tbs of sugar

salt to taste

Blender chilli, garlics and shallots. Add 3 spoon of oil and fried the blendered ingredients with galangga and lemon grass. Once it's dry, add palm sugar, sugar and salt. Make sure the sugar has melted and the sambal looks dry, not runny. Add the fried potato crisp, anchovies and peanuts. Mix well. Nice to be eaten with "Nasi Uduk/Nasi Kuning".


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