Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Personalised theme

I tried to create my own personalise theme for this blog the entire day. Trying to be IT language smart, I changed those pictures URL under the template index. The header came out, but it's out of place! I guess I shld hold up my ambition to creat my very personalised one, unless Mr C is kind enough to help:)

I wonder how those people could have a nice layout on their blog, especially those homemaker food bloggers. Any tips anyone? I tried out blogsome yesterday, but it's harder for a beginner like me. The setting is a little confusing and also, it seems that it loads slower than blogspot. Hm, ok my complaints won't stop, I still not satisfied with the appearance of my blog. I want a classy white with some contrasting colours on the layout.

Anyway, blogging has caused severe back and neck pains to me. As I wrote before, I am always very enthu for starting everything, let it be cooking, trying something new, patchworks, beading, etc. Hm... looking back, I managed to get some projects done on those categories, but they always end. Now the passion for patchworking and beading is no more burning:)

Hope blogging will be burning hot for a longer period...


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