Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Beautiful Sydney...

I had a wonderful trip with my sister to Sydney for 2 weeks recently. The main purpose for this trip was for my graduation ceremony but the primary personal reasons for me to go there were slightly different. It's a valid exucuse to see my bf C, friends and yes to eat! I miss the food there. I should say that as there are many migrants from different countries in Sydney, the food is more authentic. Thai chefs cook Pad Kapraw and Pad See Ew, Korean chefs cook Altang and bulgogi, Italian chef cook pasta, Hk chefs cook pork chop with tomato rice etc...
We were lucky to get a room at Astoria Tower in the middle of the city (thx C).

Paid $280 a room for a week, this was one of the reason that we could shop more:) The place is just a few roads, and blocks away from C's place (which was my room b4 I left Sydney, C took over my room). We dragged ourself to C's place after our shopping/sightseeing, normally after he came back from work. We need his computer to load pictures and to check emails.

This trip was too short, I wish I could stay a week longer. On the second week, we headed south to Melbourne. We were too happy to stay at a posh serviced apartment in the middle of the city. You wouldn't believe the price that we paid for. It's only the 25% of the regular room rate! Well, again thx to C's friend! Personally, I prefer Sydney than Melb. The city is messy with the trams running around. Pavements are v.v. small and you have to wait for the traffic light to go green with lots of pple squeeshing into you. However, Architecural n the royal botanical garden are better than Sydney's.

Brought sis to Hurricane for its gigantic pork ribs. It's beautifully done. Smeared with bbq sauce and not too honeyed flavour, just perfect for a hungry lunch. We orderd 2 full racks, and C finished a full rack by himself! Gosh... Do not fraid... after this meal, we walked along the coast of bondi, up to Tamarama beach. I was cold and windy that afternoon, we were shuddering but the views were too nice to be missed. While walking down back to Bondi, there was a group of seagulls flying across us. If you were fast enough, you could catch one of them while they were in motion. My sis snapped a nice picture of C and I together. We're amazed as the picture came out really nice and natural. So each of us take turn to wait for the seagulls to fly over again... it's never as nice as a snapshot. But we managed to took some nice ones....

Spending more than 4 years there, I miss the food very much. My favourite is Spice I am, located at Surry Hills. We love the Crispy Pork Belly with Basil. the pork belly is crunchy and spicy... a very nice combination of herbs makes this dish A MUST TRY*** Another Thai Rest that we love is Thainatown. This rest offers affordable dishes. Most of the customers are thai/international students and a handful of locals.

Kingsford is a nice neighbourhood for Indonesian food. This suburb is where the UNSW is located. Many Indonesians and HK rest here. One that I like is Ayam Goreng 99. We normally order the Ayam Bakar---bbq chicken, sayur asem, amla goreng. Many times, we dined in at the other Indo rest in Kingsford, but most of the time we were disappointed by the food. Often, we wished we had visited Ayam Goreng 99 instead. At least our tummy is satisfied:)

We had many Korean food there too. Korean Rest. are easily found in the city. We love Altang the spicy fish roe soup and the bulgogi.

Here is the list for Sydney favourite food:

  • Spice I am--Thai rest. At Surry Hills, walking distance fr the city, very close to the Central Station.Best dish: Crispy Pork Belly with Basil. fish curry is nice too. Slightly more expensive, but listen, it's worth trying! ($$$)
  • Thainatown.Close to World Sq. Affordable meals. Best Pad Kapraw. Love the thai ice milk tea too.($)
    Ayam Goreng 99--Kingsford, Anzac Parade. BBQ chicken, sayur asem, ampla goreng. Lots of students, q can be long ($)
  • Min Sook Hoon, Liverpool st, opp. World Tower, V Bar. Affordable Korean Rest. Love the Altang, but not the best in the city.($+)
  • Hanabi--Liverpool St, After Pitt St if you are walking from George St. The Restaurant is located slightly under ground. Best Altang! ($$)
  • Seoul Ria --Liverpool St too:) Opp World Sq, closer to chinatown area. At level 2 of one building at the junction. Must have: Sweet and Spicy Chicken. The chicken is crispy just perfect with the sweet and tingy sauce. Hot pot is good too. ($$+)
  • Hurricane--Bondi. Best Ribs in Sydney. The ribs are gigantic! worth trying! However, walk along the beach after meal to burn off those fat...:)($$$)
  • Pancakes at the Rocks--- Best Chicken Caesar Salad. Gals love this dish. Many of my girlfrend order this instead of the pancakes.($$)
  • Fish Market---Fresh and cheap sashimi and seafood! ($$+)
  • Chu Dumpling King--Burlington Sq. Somewhere in between Market City and UTS library. Tho the restaurant is called dumpling King, but we never ordered the Dumplings. We love the chicken cutlet/pork cutlet with rice. The ice green tea is a nice companion with this dish with just another extra dollar. They have many tiny cold dished too. Chilly anchovy and Pig ears are the must to accompany the meal. ($+)
  • Should I add Superbowl.Chinatown, they have 2 branches at Chinatown. Service is Horrible. But for the sake of the Fujian Fried Rice... and they owned the HK cafe next door (Y2K). So you can order the chilli fish ball and bubble tea too. These 2 are nice during cold winter nite.

Well I am drooling now... Hope I will go back to Sydney soon....


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