Monday, June 26, 2006

For The First Time

I am getting bored these days. I still miss Sydney’s life as I have more good friends there. I miss Miss Rowe who always comes up to my place unplanned. Maybe she just needs to go to the bank, perhaps she needs to grap some papers fr erskesley (after 4 yrs of frequent visits to that shop, I still can spell the word). I miss the vibrant life there. Over here in Singapore, all frens are working, and they have little time for hangin out. So it’s no longer like Sydney, where everyone is still enjoying life after our uni life ended. I guess, I have to get used to this. I miss the time when I was a city gal. Everything is within reach. Friends would stop by at your place whenever they’re in the city just to say hi, or perhaps they are waiting for their train to come. How I miss my little room, equipped with a waist height fridge:)

Due to this boredom, I’ve been searching for recipe. I was inspired by Pennylane’s blog. The pictures of the cakes are beautifully taken. So, here I am … starting a new blog.


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