Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Creating Your Own Flavours...

I always love Green Tea flavoured ice cream, beverages, and even cake. Was inspired to make my own when I was still in Sydney. I rushed down to the Korean shop, just opposite my apartment to look for "maccha"- high quality green tea powder. Got it, tho quite pricey for a student on budget:). And of course I have to get the main ingredient, the cheating ingredient-- The Vanilla Ice Cream;). So I crossed over to World Square to the the Coles Vanilla Ice Cream.

Green Tea Ice Cream

Basically, this ice cream is very easy:) Just let the ice cream to sit in room temperature, depending on the weather, it takes forever in winter. If it's winter, bring the tub into your sink filled with warm water. However make sure it's still creamy, not watery!

Scoop 4 spoon full of melten ice cream into a bowl, and mix 2 teaspoons of maccha into it. Make sure they r well mixed. Now, transfer this mixture to your ice cream tub. Mix with the rest of the ice cream. Fridge it. After 45 minutes, take out the tub again and stir the ice cream well. Repeat 4 times. This is to ensure that the texture of the ice cream is smooth and not crystallized.

With maccha, I made "Green Tea Cappuchino" just like the one in IchibanBoshi Australia. Many was tricked by the name of the cold beverage. With 'cappuchinno tagged on the name of the beverage, it's understandble that many thought it's a coffee based one. Well NO, it's actually green tea milk drink, shaked, hence lots of froth resulted. The restaurant serves it cold with a tall glass with some brown sugar sprinkle. It comes with a small pot of syrup for you to satisfy your taste bud. I just mix maccha, milk and ice.Shake shake shake. Hoooolaaa, my own Maccha Cappuchino:)

I have used this method to make Durian Ice Cream here in Singapore. It's nicer than than those sold in the supermarket, with real durian pieces in your ice cream! My bro gave me a 10/10 score, not knowing that I didn't make it from scratch. But who cares... as long as it's nice.

This week, if I can find cheap manggo, I will make Mango Ice Cream. Mango is too expensive to be smashed, I prefer to eat good grade mangos fresh.


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