Friday, July 14, 2006

Cooking or baking, people?

I would say, I prefer cooking much better than baking. Everytime I bake something new, there is always a thought; will it come out nice? Wuih... I would say, most of the time the bakings were ok, and a sad handful times, they were left untouched after the 1st testing for several days until they ended up in the bin. Perhaps, I over mixed, perhaps, the eggs are not fluffy enough... Perhaps, Perhaps and Perhaps... Baking is too unforgiving.

This is so different from cooking. Out of 20 times, only once or twice that my cookings would be considered as "not that good". Cooking is a flexible journey. You could add more salt, more pepper, more vinegar to suit your taste even at the end of whole processes. Could you add more flour at the end of the baking process, definitely not! I see cooking as a fast adventure, some dishes could be done in less than half an hour.

Baking on the other hand, needs a little more patience than I could offer:) Most of the time is spent waiting for the cake/cookies to be done in the oven. It's not a surprise that I would be standing curiously in front of the oven, trying to peep at the stuff inside. I guess my confidence level for baking is somewhat not up there yet. Perhaps, as time goes, my baking skill will be on par with cooking skill:)


Anonymous OFF said...

Your meatloaf looks yum! I can tell that it must be really good...

Your blog tortures my diet program!

1:56 am  
Blogger SimplePleasures said...

don't worry and don't be affaird to experiment. baking takes practice. i find baking much more statisfying than cooking because anyone can cook (not me, well almost anyone can)while baking is an exact science. i learn how to bake through watching food tv, personal experience what's good and what's not lately i've been attanding baking demos that is conducted regularly (with a fee, of course) it kindda gave me inspiration and made me stive more to make a great desserts. i see to it that i bake once a week so i get to practice my baking skills good luck!

4:28 pm  
Blogger duckiekitchen said...

for off: hey hope ur diet is going well...:) Off... I wanna eat Spice I am now:(

10:37 pm  

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