Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lapis Legit Ling CC

350 g mentega
250 g gula
Kocok mentega dan gul

35 kuning telur (kocok tersendiri)

50 g tepung terigu


Lapis Surabaya Ling CC

30 telur
300 mentega
250 gula halus
100 tepung

Lapis Surabaya

20 telur
225 g gula
100 g terigu
2 sdk susu
250 g mentega
Mentega, gula dikocok, masukan telur satu persatu lalu susu and terakhir terigu.
Bagi jadi 3 bagian. 1 bagian masukan tepung coklat.

Egg Tart

Kulit for 1
50 g mentega
10 g gula
80 gr terigu
1 egg

Isi for 2
1/2 tin of evaporated milk
10 egg (take 5 white egg)
300 g sugar

Air, gula, pandang didihkan. Dinginkan. Masukan telur yg sudah diaduk. Saring dgn kain.

Cai Kwe

250 g tepung beras
4 sendok tepung ganji penuh
10 sendok minyak goreng
600 gr air mendidih

Air didikan, trus masukan ke tepung campur


1 kg shrimp
3oo g lard
3 egg
250 g plain flour
white pepper to taste
soya bean sheets

Pineapple tart

500 g butter
900 g plain flour
300 g sugar
1 egg

Mix butter and sugar until white. Add in flour.

Pineapple jam:
5 pineapple
5 g sugar
1 tbs flour

Keju goreng

500 g glutinous flour
7 egg
200 g shredded cheese
100 g sugar
50 g sesame seeds

Bak Chang

3 kg glutonious rice
1.2 kg peanut
.5 kg chestnut
100 g chinese mushroom
20 salted egg yolk
350 g dried shrimp
1 kg pork
.5 kg pork belly

Rendang Sapi

1/2 kg beef
50 gr chilli
4 onion
7 cloves garlic
5 candle nuts
coconut milk fr 1 coconut
2 lemongrass
2cm galangga
3 bay leaves
salt and palm sugar to taste

I'm back

Hiatus for almost 2 years, I am back!!
Finally I have time for this. I have stopped work for 2 months, preparing for my wedding and migration. It's definetely a good time to recharge and spend time with my family before leaving Singapore.

Anyway, I was browsing my mum's recipe book few days ago and found few good recipes. I guess putting in online will be the best way for me to refer back when I need them later.

Ayam Kalasan

3 chicken (cut into 4 each)
1 fresh coconut (water only)
1 bulb garlic
4 small onion
3 stalk lemon grass
5 daun salam (bay leaves)
1 tbs coriander powder
palm sugar and sweet soy sauce (to taste)

Put all ingredients into a pot. Make sure the chicken pieces are covered with coconut water. If it's not enough, you may add water. After 2 hours, boil all ingredients until the water dries up.

Lightly deep fry the pieces.

I have Ayam Penyet's recipe as well. However, it's not detailed. Well, I just have to play the guessing game, anyway the basic ingredients are good enough for me to experiment.

candle nuts
bay leaves
coriander powder

Blend all except chicken until it's soft. Add some water. Cook until the liquid remaining is halved. Strain and use this stock for the crispy bits. Add equal amount of maizena and rice flour.