Monday, August 21, 2006

Agar-agar Curd Punch

When a friend of mine in Sydney told me they are going to a spanish restaurant tonight, the first thing that came to my mind was Sangria. I wanted to make this for tonight until I realised that the bottles that are sitting in the fridge, are white and sparkling wine. Never mind, I will buy a bottle of red next time.

Then, I remembered what Mum said yesterday. She went to my aunt's place and was served a glass of agar-agar drink. She said, very easy to made; 1 pack of agar-agar and 4.5 lit of water??? That's lots of water for 1 pack of agar-agar. After her explaination, I now realised that, the agar-agar is not going to solidify like the normal agar-agar. But instead, the agar-agar forms extreme watery soft curd as it's so diluted.

So what about the sangria? From this fruity cocktail, I was inspired to throw some diced orange, lime and nashi pear cubes into the agar-agar curd. It will be better if I had peaches or nectarines in my fridge:)

For 20 servings:

1 pack of agar-agar powder
4.5 lit water
400-500 gr of rock sugar (it's not as sweet as white sugar)
3 pandan leaves

Bring all to boil. Let cool and chill.

2 oranges
6 limes
1 nashi pear
ice cubes

Pour into a glass and plunk in the fruit cubes and ice. Enjoy....

Note: It's nice even without the fruit cubes:)


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